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Nowadays, companies are using employees efficiently, which means there is no room for taking over a colleagues work for a period longer then 3 months. In most cases a choice is made to be less compliant for a while or to trust on other departments to do things well. Sooner then expected, a backlog starts to exist and grow. Backlogs can occur in several areas. The main backlogs relating to Indirect taxes are:

  • Reconciliations of VAT Accounts
  • Filing of documents
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Reclaims for 8th Directive
  • Reclaim of T & E

 In most companies, as long as there are no penalties received due to not filing a return, there is no rush in looking for backup indirect tax people. However, this is money lying around in your own general ledgers!! Double payments, a risk of an audit or transparency of the whole tax process. What about new people joining the company? Any procedures ready for them to go through? Any plan on what the essentials are for these people to know? Most companies have not documented their process well or even important information is kept in people's minds instead of paper, virtual learning areas. 

Make your life easier, be compliant and reach out for VATprocess. VATprocess can help you out in busy times, help you out to get the processes back on track and make sure, new people get the information that is required. If processes are documented in the right way, the "learning" period will be reduced to an absolute minimum. 

So, do you need help on any of the above mentioned "backlogs", contact me!



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